Through years of experience with project-driven and project-based organizations in the field of Contract, Project and Research Management, ProjectSoft LLC has bundled all this knowledge into the implementation of accelerators.


With these accelerators we can quickly provide a predefined layout of ProjectSoft PM (and its modules). This enables the realization of savings and implementation.


ProjectSoft LLC has specific market-product related accelerators for:

  • ContractSoft for Municipalities
  • ContractSoft for College institutions
  • ContractSoft for Universities
  • ProjectSoft PM for Municipalities
  • ProjectSoft PM for Universities
  • ProjectSoft PM for College institutions
  • ProjectSoft PM for Research institutes

ProjectSoft LLC also offers generic accelerators for:

  • ContractSoft
  • ProjectSoft PM
  • ProjectSoft DRE
  • IntelligenceSoft