ProjectSoft LLC can assist you in the field of consulting and support.


Projects are often not delivered on time or within the allocated budget. Insufficient risk management, resource management and planning skills are often the reasons behind this. ProjectSoft LLC is active in the area of (interim) project management and specializes in planning and supervising projects. Our project managers have extensive experience in the area of project management and consulting and this experience ensures that our clients’ projects are delivered on time and within budget.


We also have various project staff available in the areas of: Microsoft networks, MS office applications, database administrators (Oracle/Microsoft SQL Server), Java developers and ICT consultants. These technical staff members are available for both short and long-term projects. ProjectSoft B.V. is the specialized service provider in consulting, IT and outsourcing. Our ICT professionals specialize in market leading technologies for both customized and standard software packages. Our activities revolve around the creation of future-oriented applications, the implementation of software packages and their integration into existing ICT environments. We focus primarily on activities that require customer and business knowledge.