Contract management

ContractSoft supports the entire process of contract registration, modification and management of signed contracts, through which the responsibilities of the parties involved can be monitored, so that the organization can check whether the operational objectives in terms of both the contract and the organization are realized.


Using ContractSoft enables your organization to:

  • Better use the qualities and skills your supplier has to offer
  • Gain more insight into a supplier as a whole instead of each contract, which means there is more insight when it comes to the added value of this supplier in your organization
  • Promote a more streamlined collaboration, harmony and satisfaction between a supplier and your organization
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Better prevent commercial, financial and legal risks
  • Signal and implement cost savings. For example, by working more efficiently, less aftercare/repair work, timely insight into any additional work, contract savings)
  • More insight into risks
  • To obtain better monitoring and control options
  • Increase knowledge power towards suppliers and provide better input to prepare for discussions and negotiations
  • A better division of the distribution of time and capacity to suit the interests of the contract and supplier

ContractSoft supports the roles, tasks and responsibilities in contract management in a flexible way. We often see the following roles at organizations:

Contract Owner, Purchasing Advisor, Controller, Contract Manager, Contract Administrator, Legal advisor and Application Manager.