Do you recognize yourself in these types of situations:

  • Contracts are stored in different systems throughout departments, so there is no insight or overview when it comes to current contracts and obligations related to these contracts.

  • Contracts are not handled according to procedure, causing delays in establishing contracts, contracts not set up according to the organization’s terms and possibly not legally watertight.

  • Contracts get left in the pile somewhere in the organization, where or who with is often unknown, so a contract has to be redrafted or, even worse, falls through the cracks.

  • There is no insight as to which contracts have to be extended or automatically renewed or when contracts have to be canceled, which means that, occasionally, contracts are automatically renewed when they should have been canceled (additional costs) or contracts don’t get renewed.

  • A colleague who works in your team is suddenly out of action for a long period of time and nobody knows which contracts are under their management and which contracts require immediate action. A lot of time is lost to gather the colleague’s work and there is no complete overview of the work done so far.

  • There is no insight into the financial obligations and rights in terms of the contracts that have been set up at department level and/or organizational level, as a result of which not all financial rights are known to the organization and people are faced with unpleasant surprises with regard to financial requirements/obligations. It’s not possible to establish a clear forecast when it comes to cash flow.

  • There is no insight into which contracts are interconnected, so there is no insight (especially in the case of collaborations and/or framework contracts) as to which parties are contractually linked.

  • Which contracts have been set up with a specific party, there is no insight into (re) negotiations and which of the current contracts have already been set up with the party. The result may be that this interferes with the negotiations or weakens your organization’s bargaining position.

  • Communications and other documents are not present alongside the contract, leaving you with an incomplete file. It takes a lot of time to complete a file, and no previous versions are available.

The time has come to familiarize yourself with ContractSoft. ContractSoft offers you support in the following areas:

Contract registration

Super flexible design options for contract registration, so that almost every type of contract can be stored.

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Contract Monitoring and Control

Physical and digital management of contracts, with the right information available at the right time and in the right place.

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Contract management

Safeguarding full compliance and ensuring that all obligations are met by all parties involved in an agreement, so that the operational objectives of the contract and the objectives of your organization are met.

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Supplier and purchasing management

Support in all operations, aimed at exploring, starting, maintaining and, if relevant, further development of the cooperative relationship with suppliers in order to continuously optimize contributions that are made in the realization organization’s objectives.

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Cash Flow Management

Better contract and supplier management can lead to cost reduction, which improves your organization’s cash flow.

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Real time Analytics

Real time possibilities for reporting, analysis and insight into your contracts, suppliers, cash flow and many other levels within ContractSoft.

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Insight into how your fellow municipalities do things?! This module is specially made for comparing data at municipal level.

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Many standard integrations with other software solutions from SAP, ORACLE, AFAS, EXACT and CENTRIC, and more.

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The main advantages in using ContractSoft are:

  • Everything is stored in one centralized system, giving each department insight into its own department and overall insight into the organization.
  • Storing the workflow per contract type to make sure procedures that have been agreed are followed. Delays will be avoided, thanks to the notification options available in ContractSoft. Reviews are made by the right people.
  • Thanks to the workflow, a contract can remain visible. The various dashboards provide insight into who has the contract. There is also an alert system built into ContractSoft if a contract remains with someone for too long (monitoring of deadlines).
  • ContractSoft offers alerts when contracts have to be canceled or when contracts are about to expire (and need to be renewed). ContractSoft also offers various dashboards for insight and overview with regard to these contracts.
  • In case of illness, a team leader can transfer the contracts from their dashboard to other colleagues with one mouse click, so less time is lost. This also provides insight into the workflow and the workload of the various people in the teams.
  • All financial obligations and rights are included in overviews (based on the period that the organization requires) within the dashboards.
  • Thanks to ContractSoft, the connections between the various contracts can be established with the underlying relationships (for example, partner agreement, under contract, etc.).
  • The dashboards ensure that contracts that have been set up with a particular party, the status of these contracts and how the negotiations with those contracts transpired, is immediately visible.
  • All communications stored alongside the contract, all types of files can be stored in the ContractSoft documents system and version updates are carried out automatically. Access rights and insight can be defined per user or user group.

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