In 1994/1995 the PACS® project management system, Project Administration and Control System, was developed by a core group of ProjectSoft LLC employees for Ross Systems Inc. customers in the Netherlands, and the United States. PACS® was integrated with iRenaissance, the ERP package developed by Ross Systems Inc. The Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO) (Agricultural Research Group), a part of Wageningen University, was the first customer for the new project management package, PACS®, and was soon followed by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Plant Protection Service, Kadaster (Land Registry), GVB, ITC, Arcadis, Provincie Noord-Holland, ECT, Dragoco (Germany), ABB (USA), Space Mark (USA), Alcoa (USA), Boston Medical (USA) and other customers, both domestically and abroad. In 2000, this collaboration came to an end and PACS® continued as an independent entity. In 2002 the decision was made to develop PACS® as a web application.

Apart from the development of PACS®, there were also project management systems that were developed as a tailor-made solution for the Rijkswaterstaat and other clients. ProjectSoft can boast several decades’ worth of knowledge and experience in the field of project management systems.

In 2013, ProjectSoft LLC started to develop a completely new project management system (ProjectSoft PM) for Higher Education (Universities and Colleges) and R&D-driven research institutes that use European Union-based subsidy programs to finance their research projects. NWO, KNAW and Lower Governments (Provinces, Municipalities and Water Boards). It also supports Lower Government, in complex projects (including infrastructure projects), as well as cyclical and regular projects.

Tilburg University, a PACS® user since 2003, was the first customer to work with ProjectSoft PM in 2014.

In 2015 the (further) development of ContractSoft started, with the University of Antwerp deciding to be the launching customer at the end of 2016. ContractSoft, with more than 1,500 users, was commissioned by the University of Antwerp in November 2017.

IntelligenceSoft was launched in 2016, with ProjectSoft DRE (Digital Research Environment) also introduced in 2017.

ProjectSoft LLC now faces a transition from a primarily research-based organization to an organization that also handles product development and marketing & sales which will continue to be expanded.

2017 – November: ContractSoft in use at the University of Antwerp

2017: Start development ProjectSoft DRE

2016: Start of IntelligenceSoft development

2015: ContractSoft development

2014: Tilburg University’s first client ProjectSoft PM

2013: Development Project Management System – ProjectSoft PM

2002: Development of web application PACS®

2000: PACS® as an independent package

1994/1995: Project Administration and Control System – PACS® development