ProjectSoft DRE

An important condition for ‘open science’ is that it must be possible to record and archive data with different formats and from various external sources. With ProjectSoft DRE both the external and internal publication data are recorded, as well as the underlying research results. Thanks to the user-friendly user interface, all data can be quickly retrieved.


The DRE is an instrumental answer to an administrative question in which researchers can easily and in a controlled way:

  • Access and consult data and related publications for individual research;
  • Analyze data and related publications;
  • Reproduce and share analyses;
  • Create and exchange new/derived data and related publications (searchable).

The Digital Research Environment (DRE) is a Cloud based IT platform that helps researchers store, analyze and use their data in their research activities. It is a website where researchers can create their own secure ‘workspace’ for their research projects. Because the DRE is also integrated with ProjectSoft PM (CRIS), the ProjectSoft DRE is a complete environment for setting up projects, retrieving research data and provides optimal support for researchers and the research organization.

In short ProjectSoft LLC DRE, a digital research environment, is an integrated collection of IT tools, which is available to a researcher and the research organization to conduct and manage the research, but also to steer and manage from within the research organization.

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