Digital Project File

The digital project file contains both financial and non-financial information about a project. When the financial information is entered, the emphasis is on the financial administrator, project administrator and controller. The final responsibility when it comes to completion and accountability lies with the project controller.


The digital project file is decisive for the financial information related to the project.


For certain subsidized assignments or research that is carried out for a specific client, one of the conditions is that an external auditor must issue an auditor’s report before it can be finalized.


The Proposal (Review Proposal, Approved Proposal, Review Contract, Approved Contract), Assignment/Signed Contract, Performance (Change Management) and Closing (Auditor’s report and Final statement) parts form the core of the digital project file. The parts printed in bold can be regarded as the main parts of the digital project dossier within ProjectSoft PM.


The execution of a project can last several periods and/or years and consist of different project components (phases, subprojects). Because the financial statements are based on calendar years, a kind of interim overview will be made for each of the calendar years. This applies to both the annual budget and the costs and expenses in a given year.