Financing & Subsidies

After a project proposal has been developed in the form of a project description, project structure with turnaround times and a rough or detailed budget defined in units and costs, the most suitable subsidy program for the project is assessed. The Netherlands offers a choice between European Union-based subsidy providers, NWO, KNAW, and a number of other subsidy programs. ProjectSoft PM also offers links to reward programs and subsidy providers in the financing module, which enables the researcher or the project administrator to find the most suitable subsidy program based on a number of criteria. The researcher or project administrator must then check whether the Personal Contribution for the project (usually around 35% of the project costs) is available through the faculty/department. If that is the case, the application can, in principle, be submitted. The supporting functionality in the funding module, even allows novices in the area of subsidy/grant applications to quickly and completely draw up and submit a subsidy application.