Portfolio management

Plan, prioritize and communicate your strategic project initiatives in the Portfolio and ensure that the strategy remains in line with the execution of the project. ProjectSoft PM makes this possible because from the strategic project initiatives, a complete pathway exists to the underlying data. With ProjectSoft PM you can track every step of a project initiative and the resulting project, so that stakeholders get the right information to stay focused on the goals, priorities and success factors of your organization.

In the design, different attributes can be assigned to the Portfolio, such as Interest, Classification, Goals and Themes. Changes in interests, classifications, goals and themes, as well as the emergence of new ideas in current or new projects require adjustments. That is why ProjectSoft PM has set a time-stamp on these attributes, so that the input dates of the changes is recorded as well as enabling change management to record the impact of the changes over time. A Portfolio may contain one or more programs, the relative importance of which can be recorded in the portfolio.

Portfolio Management is responsible for establishing a balanced and overseeable collection of initiatives, notes and research proposals, with which the strategic objectives of the Portfolio, and Therefore also the organization, can be achieved. The aforementioned attributes ensure that all kinds of cross-sections of the Portfolio can be made.

For example, every initiative, research proposal, feasibility study or conference organization can easily be dragged out of the collection bin with initiatives and projects to the right Portfolio and program with ‘drag and drop’. The design of Portfolios can change over time and ProjectSoft PM records these changes in updated versions.