Program management

Within each portfolio you can define one or more programs, each of which can in turn contain a number of related projects. For each program a Program Budget, Total Budget per year, Budget per Financier, Long Term and Operational Targets and the projects linked to the program, can be made. ProjectSoft PM connects program data for you related to the underlying projects so you get cohesion, synergy as well as transparency and insight. ProjectSoft PM provides multi-level scheduling for projects within programs.

In ProjectSoft PM, it’s not only possible to set cost estimates for programs, but also revenue budgets, as well as defining less quantifiable profits. This allows the effect of certain measures, risks and goals to be determined. Every measure taken has consequences and financial effects. ProjectSoft PM supports targeted and efficient cost-benefit management in various ways.

Updates are recorded for both initiatives and projects in the initial phase. In the implementation phase, all changes with respect to the starting points for projects must be recorded through change management. ProjectSoft PM automatically escalates information about all underlying projects to the program and portfolio levels. Expiry, cost overruns and escalations of projects are automatically signaled in the program manager’s dashboard.