Research institutes

Successful acquisition and cost-effective execution of research at research institutions

The market for research institutions is more dynamic than ever. On the one hand, there must be room for in-depth research, while on the other hand budgets are shrinking. This requires research institutes to look carefully at all costs. Organizations that are engaged in research themselves have to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and look for ways to generate more money and enhance their budget.


ProjectSoft PM makes it possible to make a global budget (Top Down) or a detailed budget (Bottom Up). For each project (component), both a cost and revenue budget can be made of the required personnel and material resources, necessary equipment and other expenses.


A dashboard is available for each stakeholder at the research institute, so the person involved can view and use all the intermediate and final results of a project component online in real time to monitor progress and, if necessary, to update the project (component) on the basis of the recorded data. Each function in the dashboard shows the current status at the time of consultation, so you always get a complete picture of the project. You can use Real Time Analysis with various functions, so the collection of recorded data scattered throughout various spreadsheets is a thing of the past and you can quickly and adequately provide information to management and all other parties that need it.


ProjectSoft PM is a project management system, which can be used by research institutes to plan, budget and manage the projects, and in addition the progress (both substantive and financial) of projects can be followed during the implementation phase. Getting insight into all projects in an organization is easy. ProjectSoft PM is a modular project management system, with a short implementation time, user-friendly and scalable.


The advantages with ProjectSoft PM:

  • Insight into budgets, budgeting, compared to realizations and forecasts.
  • Collaboration with researchers from inside and outside the organization and other R & D institutions made transparent.
  • Suitable for departments within an organization as well as smaller R&D institutions.
  • Progress of projects is made visually transparent.
  • All documents directly accessible to the project.
  • Quick exchange of information via jam sessions without needing meetings.
  • Freedom in terms of location and time.

Benefits of ProjectSoft PM for the user groups within a Research Institute

Researchers can use project templates, examples of existing projects and projects in MS-Project for the design of their research project. This saves a lot of work, because you can fully adapt your own project to the specific requirements and requirements of the research, without having to start from scratch. A version of all changes is made so that you can always go back to an earlier version.

The development of research proposals by the researchers can be viewed and adjusted at an early stage, by the project leader and/or research manager, which also quickly clarifies the financial requirements (subsidy and investment), thereby increasing chances of success when it comes to the research proposal.

During the implementation phase of a research proposal, all aspects of the project can be viewed at any time, in particular the progress can be checked and adjusted if necessary (e.g. comparison of planned versus realized figures, whether milestones/research results are achieved in time, talk of delays etc.).

In the implementation phase, changes can only be implemented by an authorized employee via change management. This means that the controller can follow the entire course of the planned and realized costs, because it will be immediately clear who was responsible for the approval of the changes during the execution of the research project and the impact on the results and costs.

For the projects that require an auditor’s report, the external or internal auditor can follow the entire process from start to finish, because all actions or activities of each employee are logged at every stage of the project (initial and execution). In time, a Certificate of Methodology can be requested and once that has been awarded, it will no longer be necessary to submit an audit certificate for EU and government-related projects. As a result, a considerable reduction in the costs of a research project can be realized.

Through the subsidy module in ProjectSoft PM, the subsidy advisor (but also the project leader for its own projects) can view the status of all applications (submitted, modified, resubmitted, awarded and rejected) at any time. It also clarifies which subsidy programs carry the best chances of success and which research institutions are most successful in acquiring outside investment.

The Board of an institution can view both the substantive and the financial progress of all research and other projects at any given time. This is particularly important for the assessment of ‘personal contribution’ applications for new research projects, but also for examining whether there are problems with the projects in terms of progress. One is no longer dependent on third parties for this information, at any time view all aspects of (research) projects and possibly the underlying data can be accessed.