Time & Cost registration management

ProjectSoft PM has a very flexible time registration module (TRM) that allows every employee to register hours spent on a specific project, all other projects, indirect productive matters (administrative activities, non-project related hours, leave/vacation/illness). Different types of hours worked can also be used and the gross available time per week in hours is taken into account. This data is integrated using the capacity module, so that you know exactly the time that has been spent on the projects and you have an insight into the available capacity in a period. The TRM module uses the available personnel data in the HRM/Payroll administration. In addition to the internet version, there is also an app available for Apple, Android and Windows to record the hours worked. Via the financial administration (General Ledger, Purchase Book, Debtors and Creditors) the costs are posted to the relevant project component in ProjectSoft PM via an interface. So you always have a complete overview of all hours worked and costs of a project component, regardless of whether they are recorded in ProjectSoft PM or in another sub-administration.