ProjectSoft PM

With the portfolio, program and project functionality, an institution can make a long, medium and short-term planning of the projects that one wants to implement in the coming period. For a project, the Gantt Chart can be used to show the project structure, turnaround times, milestones and the products to be delivered. With the Gantt Chart, you can use the ‘What If’ lead times to continue analysis to see what the most efficient project structure is. The precedence relations can be used to link project components to each other and to identify where possible problems may arise during the execution of the project (critical path determination).

At a high level, a departmental budget can be made annually, especially for employee resources and the way in which these resources have been allocated to the project(s). In this way, staff shortages can be made visible and a decision can be made to, for example, attract new researchers or temporarily compensate the shortage by hiring researchers.

ProjectSoft PM consists of the following modules:

Portfolio management

Plan, prioritize and communicate your strategic project initiatives in the Portfolio and ensure that the strategy is in line with the implementation.

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Program Management

Define and manage one or more programs within each portfolio, each of which can in turn contain a number of related projects.

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Project management

Make use of your own methodology or a standard methodology like Prince2 when setting up projects.

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Possibilities to make long, medium and short-term planning of the projects that one wants to implement in the coming period.

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Prognosis management

Support for Estimate to Complete as well as Earned value.

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Acquisition management

For those institutions that actively manage (research) projects.

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Resource management

Both limited personnel and material resources are used in strategic long-term planning, as well as in the tactical and operational planning of departments or the entire organization.

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Project accounting

In the dashboards for the researcher, project administrator, project manager, controller and management, financial data from different viewpoints are highlighted.

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Time & Cost registration management

A very flexible time registration module (TRM), with which every employee can register his worked time for a specific project, all other projects, indirectly productive matters (administrative activities, non-project-related hours, leave/vacation/illness).

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Real time analyses

Dashboards, with which the person involved can view and use all intermediate and final results of a project component online in real time to monitor the project progress and, if necessary, adjust the project (component) on the basis of the recorded data.

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Financing & Subsidies

Support for which subsidy scheme best suits your project. The Netherlands has the choice between the subsidy providers European Union, NWO, KNAW and a number of other subsidy schemes.

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Budget & Budgeting

Possibilities to make a global budget (Top Down budget) or a detailed budget (Bottom Up).

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Progress management

Flexible and extensive options for monitoring a project.

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Digital project file

Support for a Digital Project File.

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The main benefits in using ProjectSoft PM are:

  • Create your own project structure (WBS) for different departments/sectors
  • Assign employees/link to project (parts). Dashboard shows which project parts and/or activities are linked and which employees still have room to plan or are overplanned
  • Documents within reach at every project component
  • Budget monitoring over the years (indexed or not)
  • Registration of hours, equipment and other costs, as well as confrontation of obligations with incoming invoices from contractors (subcontracting and hiring third parties)
  • Total overview of income and expenditure (treasury)
  • Transfer between the different departments

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