Public Sector

ProjectSoft LLC is focused on markets in the public sector. Our solutions offer a very good fit.

ProjectSoft LLC focuses on the following governments within the public sector:


  • Ministries
  • Agencies
  • Implementing organizations
  • ZBO


  • Provinces/States
  • Municipalities
  • Water boards

Semi Government

  • Research organizations
  • Facilities, Health
  • Educational Institution 
    • Universities (WO)
    • Colleges (HBO)
  • Social organizations

With ProjectSoft PM you can monitor and control your projects by managing time, money and equipment.

When designing projects, you can apply your own methodology or a standard methodology such as Prince2. You can use both ‘best practices’ of others to model your projects, but you can also use templates to set up projects in a quick and easy way.

ProjectSoft PM makes it possible to make a global budget (Top Down) or a detailed budget (Bottom Up). For each project (component) both a cost and revenue budget can be made of the required personnel and material resources, necessary equipment and other costs. It is also possible at this stage to gain insight into which employees, for each role, may be available to work in the project.

All financial data is highlighted in the dashboards for the project administrator, project manager, controller and management, from various viewpoints. The realizations are compared with the planned units and costs. ProjectSoft PM has links to the general ledger, purchasing, debtors and creditors, so the realizations always provide a complete picture of all costs, regardless of where these costs are recorded.

The project manager is usually the person responsible for monitoring the progress of a project. Therefore, various tools have been included in the project manager’s dashboard to be able to monitor this progress. The extension of a project component can have multiple consequences, such as extending the turnaround time (consequences for the allocation of different employees and costs), deadlines are not met, risks are not well recognized and partners sometimes fail to cooperate. For each of the above situations, functions have been included in the project manager’s dashboard, which displays the consequences both in tabular form and in the form of graphical overviews. Progress monitoring is arranged in a practical way and gives the project leader the right tools to successfully complete the project.


ProjectSoft PM offers specific (predefined) applications for:



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Research organizations

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The importance of contract monitoring and contract management is on the rise. The correct registration, monitoring and management of contracts is the objective of contract management. Good contract monitoring forms the basis for contract management and ensures more efficient processes. This applies both to your supplier and contracts where you act as the supplier.

Registration and management involves the support of your administrative process of registering and managing contracts within your company. In addition, of course also the physical and digital management of contracts, so that the right information is available at the right time and in the right place.

With contract management, ContractSoft supports your process whereby, on the basis of the acquired input, signed contracts and changes can be clearly recorded and managed. Monitoring is made possible to ensure all parties are fully in compliance with an agreement and meet their obligations.

ContractSoft is applicable for most institutions within the public sector.

For municipalities you can find more information here.

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ProjectSoft LLC is active in the area of (interim) project management and specializes in planning and supervising projects. Our project managers have extensive experience in the area of project management and consulting and ensure that your projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We also have various project staff available in the areas of: Microsoft networks, MS office applications, database administrators (Oracle/Sql), Java developers and ICT consultants. These technical employees are available for both short and long-term projects. ProjectSoft is the specialized service provider in consulting, IT and outsourcing. Our ICT professionals specialize in market leading technologies for both customized and standard software packages.

Our activities revolve around the creation of future-oriented applications, the implementation of software packages and their integration into existing ICT environments. We focus primarily on those activities that require customer and business knowledge.

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